​Frequently Asked

How can I book the band?
Fill in the booking form on the website. For an accurate quote please put the postcode of the venue as this will determine if any petrol costs or accommodation will be needed.

How much does the band charge?
I will email you a price list once you have filled in
the booking form.

How much would the deposit be?
20% deposit of the total fee. Once the deposit is paid I will send over a contract.

When do we need to pay the balance?
7 days before the event.

Does the band travel?
The band will go where the music takes us, the UK and beyond.

Do you charge for fuel?
Yes but not in the North West area.

What will the band wear?
I have a passion for clothes and shoes so I always look my best and the band will wear black suits, white shirts and black ties.

Can we request songs? Can you perform our first dance?
The band has over 100 strong repertoire and from performing at so many different events we know what works and the order they work in and what songs get EVERYONE up. I will send you a list of different set examples, which we can talk through over the phone or email. I also have a recommended list that I can email you on request nearer the event as we add songs to the set all of the time. Given notice we can perform your first dance or one or two of your favorite songs, although due to vocal range and also the songs production it is not always possible- But I would try my hardest!

Can you provide a disco?
From performing at numerous events I have met some great DJ’s and some really bad ones too! I can recommend a good DJ or I can play music for you on my iPod or better still you can pick all your favorite songs, put them into playlists and give me your iPod to plug into my system. Although if you have a long night planned partying past 12.30am then I would advise you to hire a DJ.

Does the band have insurance?
Yes we are members of the Musicians Union and I can supply you or the venue with a Public Liability Insurance document that insures us for £10,000,000 for any one claim.

Does the band have PAT test certificates?
Yes all of my equipment including lights is PAT tested and I can send this to you or the venue on request.

How long does the band need to set up?
It depends on the size of the band, a 4 piece around 45 minutes and 1 hour for the 6 piece. I like everything to be just right for your event so I do like to set up when the room is empty, usually in the room turn around or before the event.


Are there any hidden costs?
We ask for a hot meal, water and T’s & C’s. Parking fees we may incur whilst at the event. An early set up before 5 is an additional £50 per member.

How long does the band play for?
The band will play for a standard 2 x 45 minutes. Due to encores the second set is usually about an hour, as people just don’t want us to finish!

How do I choose the band line up?
The 4-piece band is the basic band that can get people up to dance. Adding additional musicians is personal preference and or budget. The 6-piece band with the horn section has been very popular as the horns dance in unison and its makes the whole performance more of a spectacle.

Does the band supply sound and lighting?
I have a great JBL 2 k rig and 8 LED par cans for the stage area. I use a sound company for larger events.

Are there any band requirements?
A secure, clean and well-lit changing room with seating and electricity supply.

Can we see The Toni James Band live?
Please see my LIVE page on the website.

Toni’s Tips

*Sound Limiters! Every musician I know hates these things, they really can kill the atmosphere pending on how sensitive they are, so please let me know if the venue has one of these at the time of booking as this may effect what instruments you can have in the band.

*Don’t have the buffet at the same time as the band as we don’t want any reason for people to leave the dance floor. If your event has run over (as most do) just make sure the wedding/event coordinator rearranges the band or buffet times.

*Try not to let people come into the room whilst the band are setting up, in one venue we work in they only have a bar in the room we are setting up in, so check with the venue as one hour without drinks can be a nightmare for guests.

*Have your first dance played by the band or played by the DJ 5 minutes before the band are due to play as this ensures all the guests are around the dance floor. So when we start to play it will encourage them to stay up and dance.

*Timings for Weddings-the best time really is 9/9.30. Your day time guests need to freshen up, you need to greet and chat to the new arrivals and they in turn need to catch up with the day guests. This can take a good hour or two. Also DRINK! People need to have had time to settle in and get a little tipsy to want to go and through some shapes on the dance floor.

*Timings for Events- If your event is an award ceremony or charity auction then once the awards/auction finish give your guests at least 10 minutes to go to the bar/toilet etc before putting the band on or we can start our set to a half empty room.